Kaya Birthing Stool Hire
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The Kaya Birth Stool is designed to support the most natural and physiologically effective positioning throughout the birth process. It encourages women to remain upright whilst giving them the opportunity to rest and change position as they see fit.

The Kaya Birth Stool is moulded into organic compound curves to ergonomically and comfortably support the body. The nature of the curves help to relieve pressure on the perineum while seated in a squatting position. The firm plastic provides stability and resistance whilst gripping and pushing.

The Kaya Birth Stool is fully portable & waterproof. It can be used at home or in hospital; on land, or can be fully submerged in the birth pool. 

The Kaya Birth Stool is the only birth stool that can be fully submerged in water.

The Kaya Birth Stool's patented single part design is both stable and easy to clean & disinfect, easily meeting hospital standards for safety and infection control.

The double ridge design facilitates active participation and support of the birth partner. 

6 week hire period - please provide your EDD in the box below.