Refund Policy

What is the refund policy?

Should you cancel before your pool is dispatched then Yes. We refund in full, with no admin charges

If your pool is dispatched - You will need to notify us and REFUSE your delivery when it arrives. When the pool comes back into us we will raise the refund minus the £25 courier charges

If you take delivery of your pool -  Your hire has begun. No refund is available

We of course cannot guarantee you can use the pool that will be up to your trust and your midwives. It is out of our hands. Please consider this when ordering. You do not need a pool to birth at home.

Once delivery is accepted – the birthing pool will come under our standard terms of hire as quoted in our Terms & Conditions. Birth Pool Hires are classed as a service and as such are not governed by the distance selling regulations.

The Birthing Pool hire period is 6 weeks – return must be made within 48 hours of use for hygiene reasons. 

The costs to us remain the same regardless of a quicker return, so we cannot refund for early return or non-use.